WBUT Even Semester Theory Exams from May 22, 2012 while Practicals from May 14, 2012

According to the latest notification of WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology), Even Semester (2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th) Examination will be held according to following details -

Practical/Laboratory Tests (to be conducted by respective colleges) for all UG and PG courses between: May 14 – May 19, 2012

Even Semester Theory examinations for all UG and PG courses between: May 22 – June 09, 2012

Download Complete Routine -

2nd Semester – http://www.mywbut.com/wbut/RR2sem12.pdf

4th Semester (Old) – http://www.mywbut.com/wbut/RR4sem12old.pdf

4th Semester (New) – http://www.mywbut.com/wbut/RR4new12.pdf

6th Semester – http://www.mywbut.com/wbut/RR6sem12.pdf

8th Semester – http://www.mywbut.com/wbut/RR8sem12.pdf

Requisite Fees for Even Semester Examinations, 2012

Regular – Rs. 1000/- per student
Backlog -  Rs. 800/- per student
Rs. 400/- per student (for ‘X’ category student)


  1. are yaar date kuch to badhoooooooo……………plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. any one is there to tell me that when the suplementary result will be out of 4th sem ,2012.

  3. i can’t give the 2nd sem exam of mba when can i give it next time..?? please help me…

  4. :evil:
    6th sem result kobe berobe…..

  5. when will the fourth sem results be declared? its too late already…. :roll:

  6. KObe result berobe 4th seme er,plz reply

  7. 13th june exam should be rescheduled..because of IIT guwahati M-Tech councelling

  8. Exams of 4th sem on 31st may will be postponded or not???
    Please inform if anyone has any idea.

  9. Wbut.Net e routine ta tule debar mane ta ki?1week o ki 1kta routine rakhte pare na era?

  10. please postpone d 2nd sem xams..itz too early…

  11. please postpond the exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

  12. routine hasbeen published to wbut.net

  13. eams from 22nd only timing has changed

  14. soumendra nath mondal

    exam comming soon…………. please wait………. :twisted: :grin: :lol: :mrgreen: :idea: :?: :!:

  15. pls..postpond the exm :cry: :sad:

  16. sorry friends but they are also not sure

  17. what hhpnd wbut there are so manytnsn in our mind so pls confirm when actually exam will start

  18. puja priya roy

    why this confusion?????????????
    can any one tell when actually even semester of wbut starting??????????
    please…………….. answer……………..

  19. only 14 days left n still no routine.. f exam isnt postponed this can be confirmed at least.. why creating this puzzle???

  20. when semester exam will start please inform us .

  21. when the semester exam will start? can any one tell me???

  22. plz tell me from when our wbut even sem xam 2012 will start?

  23. SK.Saifuddin

    sem wont be postponed…as said by our HOD of ECE in BPPIMT

    • Sahana Chakraborty

      u r r8 .. same has been confirmed in TICT

    • Gaurab Bhowmick

      if sem wont be postponed thn whr’s th routine??? we get slot routine much before than 2 weeks of the date… but this is sem..still no routine… :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted: :?: :?:

  24. plz infrm me frm wen da xam will b started

  25. Gaurab Bhowmick

    At least based on the indications shown by WBUT , we are pretty sure that xams r not gonna start from 22nd may …

  26. i heard d exam will be start on 5th june…. is it true?????

  27. :evil: will u plz tell me from when our wbut even sem xam 2012 will start???????? is it from 22nd may or 9th june?????????? :twisted:

  28. Goutam Pramanick

    my uncle is a former memeber of WBUT examination board… he said this year’s exam is postponed till June 14th because in few college syllabus is not over

  29. when will the routine be out??

  30. ashadul islam

    rev.. result kobe berobe? r exam kobe theke start hobe? if any 1 confirm plz send me an email or sms to 9874245198. i am from IERCEM.

  31. I have got the news from one of faculty that exam will start from 7th june.Also got this same news from my friend.But the exam shedule is not correct till now.If you get this time ,please send in my mail……Thank You.I will wait for your msg.

  32. my maternal uncle is a member of wbut… xamz will start frm 9th june … it will b cofirmed within ds week …

  33. ipsita yasmin

    let me know the schedule of xam…. is xam really postponed?…. f ys den then what is d new schedule….if no ..then even what is d time table….. cant understand how could be wbut be so irresponsible dat still nt providing ny further information… where only 14 days left… is dis a joke 4 them……?????????????????/

    • Goutam Pramanick

      i love u dear. lets do cha cha cha

      xam dates r postponed

      lets do cha cha cha plzzzz

  34. Mr wbut apnara r koto rokom bhave amadr harrsmnt krben?

  35. how much time will u need? pls inform us immediately wbut…we are very much confused as well as tensed…if the even sem won’t postponed then we will be in trouble. please publish the postponed schedule..

  36. when will b the full routine of even sem published? we r tensed…….why wbut is not publishing the routine????

  37. Wbut eto casual kano i dnt know.15 days o r baki nei r ekhono routine diche na.Wbut student der ki bhave?Amrao to manus.

  38. hey friends.,,, is there any one who perfectly know that when exam will start,, then please tell me friends,, i m just waiting eagely…

  39. hey friends,, is there any one who no that when our exam will start,, please help me friends,, i m totaly confused…

  40. are d nexm startin 4rm 5jun?????????????plz clarify!!! :sad: :oops: :shock:

  41. Mr. WBUT,plz tell me the schedule of even semister,and from when it will start? :evil: :mrgreen:

  42. Subhabrata Mondal

    I heard that our exam schedule will be published at tommorow’s evening..is it true?

  43. exam ta thik kobe hobe???r net e update ta kobe debe?? :sad:


    please inform me if the schedule gonna change…i wish it should postpone ..my interview is on 24th may…

  45. radhika singh

    r the exam dates really goin to b postponed?

  46. We are may be getting a grapevine that the even sem exam will be postponded. Now i get that would not b so. We are confiussed. Plz clarify.

  47. is ds schedule fixed or it’s gonna change. is dere any updated report on ds.i’ve found a few ppl talking on dt wbut gonna change ds scedule 4m may 22nd to june 2nd.if u could assure me with d current news dt would be quite helpful to me.