2 Bihar students promised admission at Jadavpur University, duped

The Statesman, 3rd August, 2015

Two students from Bihar were duped of their money that they had given to some ‘facilitators’ to secure admission in Jadavpur University.

The incident took place ten days ago. The students had given the money to two youths inside the premises of the varsity. Police have come to know about four youths Abhishek, Aditya, Gourav and Arindam who were allegedly involved in the incident.

However, the police are yet to arrest anyone in this connection. Police said the students, Prafulla Kumar Mishra and Sanat Kumar, had received text messages on their mobile phones from an anonymous cell phone number.

The sender had promised them help in getting admission in a B-Tech course in JU and provided a cell phone number in the text messages. They contacted the sender over the phone and the person asked them to come to the city with required documents and Rs.3 lakh each.

The accused had asked them to wait outside the main gate of the university. Mishra and Kumar told the police that two youths approached them when they were waiting outside the university. The youths took them inside the campus and asked them to fill up some admission forms that later proved to be fake.

The students from Bihar gave them the money along with the filledup forms. Mishra gave Rs.2 lakh cash while they took Rs.3 lakh from Kumar. Interestingly,the accused gave them money receipts for amounts of Rs 8,000 with the name of the university printed on them.

The accused asked them to go back to their home in Bihar after taking the money and told them that they will receive phone calls from the university once the admission procedure is completed. They, however, didn’t receive any phone calls even after 15 days.

They came back to the city a few days ago and contacted the university authorities. The university authorities informed them that the admission process is online.

The students later lodged a complaint with the police. An officer from Jadavpur police station said they are examining footages of surveillance cameras to identify the accused.

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