Summer Training 2017

Quality Training with Project at Reasonable Price

.NET with C#

Course Duration: 30 - 32 hrs
Suitable For: 2nd Yr / 3rd Yr / 4th Yr B.Tech. / MCA / BCA students
Course Objective: On completion of the training, learner will have good knowledge of .Net framework, C# language fundamentals, classes, inheritance, and web applications, HTML, JS, CSS, Deployment and Hosting.
Prerequisite: No Experience is required, understanding of basics of C# / HTML would be helpful.
Course Fee: Rs. 4,950/- (including Taxes)
Special Course Fee for DIPLOMA students only: Rs. 4450/- (including Taxes)
Number of Seats Left: 0
Training Schedule
Course Content:

  • Module 1
    • Getting Started
    • Understanding C# Language Fundamentals
    • Creating Objects in C#

  • Module 2
    • Implementing Object-Oriented Programming Techniques in C#
    • Programming with C#
    • Building .NET-based Applications with C#

  • Module 3
    • SQL Queries and Stored Procedures
    • Using ADO.NET to Access Data

  • Module 4
    • Creating a Web Application with Web Forms

  • Module 5
    • Using XML Web Services in a C# Program
    • Application Settings and Deployment

  • Module 6
    • Advanced Topics and Future Learning

  • Module 7
    • Project work