Summer Training 2017

Quality Training with Project at Reasonable Price

Hybrid Vehicle Design and Manufacturing

Training Duration: 15 - 20 Days
Suitable For: B.Tech. / Diploma (ME / AM, All Year)
Course Objective: During the training, Students will design and manufacture a F1 model Racing Car. Training is focused on Practical Implementations. Students will also test the Car after completion of training.
Prerequisite: No experience is required, however basic understanding of Vehicle dynamics will be an added advantage.
Course Fee: Rs. 4,950/- (including Taxes)
Special Course Fee for DIPLOMA students only: Rs. 4,450/- (including Taxes)
Training Schedule (Batch # 1)
Training Schedule (Batch # 2)
Course Content:

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Start with Solidworks
  • Sketching
  • Part Modeling
  • Sub Assembly
  • Beam Simulation
  • Surfacing
  • Motion Study
  • Manuafcturing Consideration Practice
  • PVC Model
  • Making Fixtures
  • Cutting of Pipes
  • Welding of Chassis
  • Design and Manufacturing of A-Arms
  • Making of mounting point for Steering System
  • Making of mounting point for Engine and Transmission System
  • Braking
  • Mounting point for Seat
  • Assembly
  • Testing of Vehicle